"should of done this years ago "

I'm allergic to pain. All my life dental work meant fear and pain. I'm one of those patients that would argue with my dentists that I was just not numb, but they would work on my teeth through my tears and screams anyway. Always telling me that they gave me enough novocaine to deaden three people, but not me. All the horrible experiences come flooding through each time my teeth hurt I just bring up all the fear, the pain, and then there was a dentist talking me into getting my daughter's wisdom teeth pulled with a "light" sedation...I can still hear her screaming as I ran to her side. So, when it was time for me to seek out a dentist (one tooth broke in half, another tooth was crumbling each time I ate) I needed a dentist yesterday. My sister found this ad in the phonebook and it talked about sedation dentistry for fearful patients. I thought I could check it out and see what they offered. That's when I met Dr. Lim's office staff and Dr. Lim. His sense of humor threw me at first. I've never met a dentist who was so cheerful, smiled a lot, and laughed with you. He heard stories like mine all the time. But I couldn't get my mind around sitting in a dentist chair and sleeping through the procedures. Well, I am writing this to let you know that Dr. Lim, has made a believer out me. Not only was the appointment relaxing and gentle, there was no pain. Wow, to wake up a few hours later and not crying from pain was a first for me. If I had known Dr Lim years ago I would have had all my teeth. Truly a team effort in helping my mouth stay healthy. But I am now grateful that I have found him and his wonderful staff. Please believe Dr Lim when he says he can help you achieve your dental health. My mission is to let everyone I meet that there is a better way to get your dental work done, sedation dentistry in the hands of someone you can trust, Dr. Lim

Regina K., Vallejo

Dr. Lim, Becky, & staff have been extremely professional since my first visit. They made me feel comfortable at each of my visits. Dr. Lim helped improve my smile beyond my expectations. I no longer am self conscious about my teeth. The thing that impressed me most is that he truly is gentle even when it comes to major dental work. I also appreciate the follow up calls to make sure I'm doing alright. I've never encountered a dental office as exceptional as this. Thanks!
Christine O.
June 14, 2007

Coming into visit Dr. Lim was a wonderful experience. My visit began with a cleaning which left my teeth feeling great! Soon after, I received a consultation and advise from Dr. Lim. My front tooth require a new veneer and I was extremely excited because the treatment would be performed on the same day.
Beginning my freshman year in college, I wanted to make sure that I had a beautiful smile. Dr. Lim made this dream a reality in a fashion that was effective, quick, and comfortable. Dr. Lim made sure that all of my needs were met. In addition, the dental assistants were very kind and helpful. Dr. Lim, Thank you for providing me with a wonderful smile to start out my college career!
Brittany J.
July 21, 2007

I have always been apprehensive about going to the dentist. The instrument noise and poor interaction between the caregiver and myself has always played a major factor. In fact, I hadn't been to the dentist for over a year before I saw Dr. Lim. Immediately, I was greeted by excellent office staff that took care of all my appointment and insurance needs. My dental care plan was clear and concise; without any surprise fees or procedures.
I have had root canals in the past and I have to admit they were very painful. My previous experiences didn't help with my anxiety. This was the first time I actually had a dentist show me digital x-rays, explain the procedure and expected outcome of my dental plan. Not only that, the procedure was quick and there was NO pain. Later that evening, I received a telephone call from Dr. Lim to check up on me. I am no longer bouncing around from dentist to dentist; Dr. Lim had found another life-long patient.
I have had root canals in the past and I have to admit they were very painful. My previous experiences didn't help with my anxitey. This was the first time I acturally had a dentist show me digital x-rays, explain the procedure and expected outcome of my dental plan. Not only that, the procedure was quick and there was NO pain. Later that evening, I received a telephone call from Dr. Lim to ckeck up on me. I am no longer bouncing around from dentist to dentist; Dr. Lim had found another life-long patient.
R. Love
Valejo, Ca
Febuary 5,2008

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie(Hygiene Practitioner) for my first deep cleaning. Before we even began, she asked if I had the procedure before and if I had any questions. She was extremely patient and courteous. She explained what she was doing each step of the way. I felt so comfortable with her. I look forward to seeing her for my annual hygiene check-ups.
R. Love
Vallejo, Ca
Febuary 5,2008

“The most positive experience...”
I received all the information I needed, including treatment plan and financial obligation, prior to the treatment. Staff is very friendly and efficient. I felt comfortable as soon as I was greeted as I walked in the door. Dr. Lim even called me at home to make sure I was ok after the procedure.
andreac (san pablo) Feb 2009

Great office, Dr. Lim is very good with giving shots for the pain, I never feel a thing.
tinak (el sobrante)

“Very knowledgable & thorough!”

So happy to find such a great dentist in my beautiful little town of El Sobrante. He's very knowledgable, skilled, conscientious & thorough. Plus he seems to have all the latest dental technology. Highly recommended.
anonymous (Pt e-mail this testimonial w/out name)

Overall the visit was great. They really know what i need. I will recommend to all my friends.

Anonymous (Pt e-mail this testimonial w/out name)

"Professional staff lead by a very gifted dentist"

Dr. Lim offers a first rate dental experience. From the pretty wonderful front office staff to the friendly professional care you receive from his dental hygienist. He seems to have available the very best that modern dentistry has to offer and all of this from a very gifted dentist. That's why I aint complaining and he is my dentist

“A+ Dental Office and Staff”
The dental staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They provided important dental information that I had never received from other dentists' offices. They are very hi-tech and offer reminders via text messages and email in addition to phone. As a new patient to this office, it was the best dental experience I could ask for and will definitely recommend this office to others!
Anonymous (Pt e-mail this testimonial w/out name)

I'm was very afraid of going to the dentist, but at Crossroads everyone is very kind and professional. I now enjoy going to the dentist because I know that they are going to be gentle and caring. This is the first time I ever had all of my work completed at the dentist. Now I go faithfully every three months for my cleaning.
dorsinef vallejo

“A new experience”

I actually enjoyed going to the dentist. I have a very sensitive mouth and always avoided going to the dentist. I finally decided to stop making excuses and was recommended by my other half to try crossroad. I felt so comfortable and everyone was so friendly. They made sure I was relaxed and explained everything in my procedures. Im actually looking toward to my next appointment.

marianr vallejo

“Root Planing”

Crossroads is friendly and accommodating, my hygienist was friendly and kind and listened to me and my fears -- she even stood and worked on me for nearly 2 hours when I was unable to lay down for the treatment. Above and beyond the call. I appreciate that.
lindap vallejo

“very comfortable”

My experiance so far has been very well. My Dentist and the staff have been great.
ronm Vallejo


courtoeus quikly done and efficent excellent repair on denture it fits on one time shot doctor Walker was a true professional

ronalda Vallejo

Office personnel is friendly, quick to respond, helpful and efficient. Dr Lim is knowledgable, communicative, quick and gives the best novocain injections I've ever had! No pain.
joanner Mar 22, 2009

I wouldn't have anyone else work on my teeth, as I've had my bad experiences and lucky to have found you! You are always recommended by me! Thanks again to you and your wonderful staff.
Carmen U. -- Daly City (March 2009)

The staff were very professional, nice, friendly and accomodating specially on our schedule needs. The price is just right too. My first visit experience was comfortable so comfortable that I almost fell asleep during my deep cleaning. I went back to work the following day w/o any discomfort. Great job guys!

“I came in as a new patient crying because I’ve had bad experiences with other dentists. I’m terrified of needles and with previous dentists I felt the needles. With Dr. Lim I felt no pain, not even the needle. I didn’t feel a thing. I definitely wont have any problems returning to Dr. Lim’s office for treatment.”
Amy B.


Barbara A.

Now, as for that dentist who rescued me from some serious tooth pain, Dr. Joshua Walker D.D.S. of Vallejo, CA was just fantastic! On very short notice, he was still able to take all the time needed to ensure that I felt NO PAIN during the procedure. The tooth needed to be pulled and I have to say that the entire thing was the most comfortable I have been in a dentist office in a very long time. The office he works in is the CrossRoads Dental Care and is owned by Vincent P. Lim D.D.S. If you ever find yourself in need of a good dentist in Vallejo CA, give these folks a call!

Alan H.
wrote on "McCloud River California"
May 4th, 2009

Quick painless excellent service

Dr.Lim was very personable he worked quickly and listened to me and was aware of my pain tolerance great experience overall I will go back for every dental need I have even living in los angeles
Shantel W. 4/30/2009

Denistry with a smile.

Crossroads Dental Care provides excellent care. I have been a client for 10 years and have recieved excellent work from a very professional staff. They are very friendly and personable. Each visit was a treat as they responded to me as an individual. They are very patient and will answer any questions. I highly recomend them for any dental care.
William S. May 2009

Not scared anymore

I love coming here. I'm not scared to come to the dentist anymore. Everyone is so friendly and gentle. They remember that your human,....
Anonymous, may 2009

Completely Satisfying!!!

Of all the dental visits in my life, here in California, and in Buffalo, NY, this has been the most gratifying- thank you
Lisa L, May 2009

Teeth cleaning

Great service! Everyone is very helpful & friendly.
Charlotte W., May 2009


Every visit was great. Every person did a great job.
san pablo, May 2009

“Straight to the Point”

The dentist is very skilled; he worked quickly and efficiently. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and informative.
el sobrante, May 2009

“Very pleasant”

The staff and dentist made me very comfortable every step of the way.
anonymous, may 2009

Very smooth and easy experience. The dental hygienist was professional/efficient.
Cory C., May 2009

Excellent work

Dr. Lim's dental office is the best i've ever been to. The staff is professional and friendly. The office is well kept very clean. I recommend this dental office to anyone. Expect the best.
Carmen M., May 2009


Friendly, professional, comfortable
Anonymous, may 2009


I was attracted to the heading in the phone book stating, "dentistry for the fearful patients." They held up to this statement by providing friendly service, giving thorough explanations, and taking their time to make sure I was 100% comfortable.
Deniece D. May, 2009


Location is convenient, personnel are friendly and treatments are always performed in a satisfactory manner.
Donna S. May, 2009


Very nice dental office and staff. Would recommend to others.
Anonymous June, 2009

every one is very friendly. The dental service trys to make your experince has painless as possible. I feel the dentist cares about my dental problem and works with me. I like how the staff and dentist welcome me when I arrive, and show concern.
Anonymous June, 2009

I love the cleaning work. My teeth look and feel so much better.
Jacqueline B. June, 2009

I am very pleased with Swati. She is the nicest hygienist I've ever experienced.
Michael L. Jun 23, 2009

excellent customer service thank you
Annette M., Jul 14, 2009

I love this place. Everyone is so friendly and they all know what they are doing. Great business!
charlottew Jun 15, 2009

“five star!”

You guys do great work! you know I have refered people to your office!
julian Jun 19, 2009

Very Pleasant (...under the cicumstances)
lorenal Jun 20, 2009

Personnel are very pleasant and knowledgeable.
normal Jun 22, 2009

take time doing deep cleaning , very good job ( kim )very good service

Dr. Vincent Lim and the entire staff were friendly and very knowledgable.
deannaa Jul 1, 2009

Teeth Cleaning
Very good customer service!
Detric E. Jul 12, 2009


It was an emergency two of my teeth were chipped in an accident the night before I called first thing in the morning on a Saturday to get an appt. The receptionist was really nice and understanding as well as everyone in the office. The Dentist was able to fit me in the same day to my surprise they all really made it easy for me to relax with all that I had going on.
daishah, Vallejo

Very professional staff, very nice, made me feel comfortable and I have severe dental phobia!
anonymous , vai e-mail Jul 29, 2009

“deep cleaning appt”

no complaints. Swati does a very thorough job
lolitaa, vallejo Aug 7, 2009

“Relatively Painless”

Had a much needed deep cleaning after avoiding the dentist for nearly a decade, and, except for one of the injections, did not feel a thing! Even the mildly painful injection was not bad, and the hygenist waited until I was ready to continue. I left the office drooling like a hound and numb as a post, but very happy! I am actually looking forward to completing the rest of my dental work. Crossroads Dental ROCKS!
sallieh, vallejo Aug 12, 2009

“Excellent !!!!”

Very efficient and excellent service.Hope to see you soon.
tesfab, hercules Aug 4, 2009

“Super Friendly Staff, Clean ...”

My Visit at Dr. Lim was a very pleasant one. The Staff was very knowledgable and Friendly. The Environment was clean and very proffesional. Alyson made my experience one of the better ones i have ever had at a Dental office.
eslitt, san pablo Aug 6, 2009

“Toothfairyland is back!”

Best dental experince I've ever had. It is perfect for nervous patients. I'm happy to recommend this office to anyone.
magdalenag, san pablo Aug 15, 2009

“Excellent beginning”

The visit/exam/cleaning was great. I felt comfortable, was made fully aware of my options and was pleased by the customer service.
kristines, richmond Aug 17, 2009

A great experience. The staff were pleasant, professional and I recieved which I thought the best dental care ever.
Anonymous, Aug 28, 2009

practically painless
My third visit in the complex care and restoral of my teeth after decades of dental phobia went without a hitch. Courteous and pfofessional staff really make you feel at ease. I can't say enough about them!
Sallie H., Sep 05, 2009

overall business was good, I felt really comfortable and look forward to my next appointment.
Kelli Mcfarland, Sep 11, 2009

I would like t thank each & every member of your staff for making me feel very welcome & comfortable. I would especially like to thank Dr. Lim for making it possible for me to become a patient that see's the blessings ahead.
Regina H. Vallejo, Aug. 2009

You have the nicest, friendliest staff and the most proficient hygienists. Your staff is always very professional, yet friendly and very responsive to my needs everytime I call. I just love Swati, and yesterday Kim cleaned my teeth, and she's wonderful, too.
danaj m. Sep 17, 2009

“Deep Cleaning”
The hygienist was great! She made me feel super relax. She one of best hygienist I have ever had. I have had my teeth cleaned by many different people, and I was amazed at how gentle and thorough she was. I really like her, she has a great personality and a wonderful chairside manner.
angelap, hercules Sep 23, 2009

I have had several visits with your office since Feb 2009 and I have the most pleasant experiances.
delberts, vallejo. Sep 21, 2009

Friendly and Clean

Everyone at Crossroads is always sensitive to my needs, like a towel for my neck and accommodating my insurance reset dates, etc.
Linda P. Nov, 2009

deep clean

take time good service A++++
Cathsai K.,Dec, 2009

Fast, friendly and painless!

I have had some less than stellar experiences with dentists in the past, so I was pretty apprehensive beginning my treatment with Dr. Lim. He was very friendly and informative, and during the treatment I didn't feel a thing! No pain, no discomfort. What a relief! My fear of dentists is beginning to subside a little bit.
Cristin G., Dec, 2009

Very good experience

Very informative on what was being done and what my costs would be. Very friendly. Flexible scheduling. Had 2 visits with 2 different dentists and communication of my personal dental work was flawless.
Dabed G., Dec, 2009

“was really nice”
this office is really great i never had a good experience with dentist visit, but with them , was really a different one. thank you for your good treatment and services.
anonymous, Jan 8, 2010

“absolutely great!!!”
The care I have received has been wonderful,veryone who I have met that work's their has been very helpful and very nice..I would not change dentist at all.I enjoy comeing in for my visit's and that not normal for me because I have never enjoyed going to the dentist.But my experiance their has been great..
rajeannas, american canyon, Jan 17, 2010

thank you for your caring staff. I was seen promptly and eased into my appointment. I smile because I know that I'll be back to continue my dental care.
reginak, vallejo, Jan 22, 2010

Everything was great and fast and no pain after getting two fillings
sylviaw, vallejo, Jan 10, 2010

Professional staff, excellent and understandable diagnosis and plan to resolve problem.
anonymous, Jan 25, 2010

“was really nice”
this office is really great i never had a good experience with dentist visit, but with them , was really a different one. thank you for your good treatment and services.
anonymous, Jan 8, 2010

“My new dental experi...”

Kim....great job with my deep cleaning :-D You did all the work....I just slept through it. George
georgew, hercules Feb 24, 2010


Everyone I spoke with was very professional and friendly! Looking forward to my next visit!
anonymous, Feb 16, 2010


I was pleased with my initial visit
davidb, benicia Feb 2, 2010

“Friendly and Clean”

I love having Swadi (sic?) clean my teeth. She is always very sensitive to my needs and willing to accommodate me.
lindap , vallejo Feb 10, 2010


Painless, painless, painless, and nice people, doc is a very funny man, but is also very good at what he does. Will recomend doc to any and every one who will ask
davidb, vallejo Feb 13, 2010

“Wonderful as always”

Staff is consistently attentive, friendly, and professional.
sallieh, vallejo Feb 17, 2010

“Practically painless”

Very difficult tooth extraction which I had put off way too long. The only thing that was painful was the palate anesthetic injection. However, what other dental office will offer you a free hamster after your procedure!
sallieh, vallejo Feb 24, 2010


Very good and painless as posible
larryr, vallejo Feb 19, 2010

“temporary crown”
Thanks for a good job on the temporary.....looking forward to the permanent :-D
georgew, hercules Mar 3, 2010

Best time I ever had at a dentist.
cullenc, hercules Mar 20, 2010

“The best!!!”
even though i was late, they still took the tome to attend me.
mariac, richmond Mar 22, 2010

“Five star”
Friendly, professional and comparing to past experience, definitely better. You have a new client.
wendes, el sobrante Mar 23, 2010

Everyone was pleasant and reassuring. I had my teeth cleaned with out any pain. All my questions were answered and the future work was explained to my satisfaction.
sharong, el sobrante Mar 6, 2010

“bi-annual cleaning”
Clean and professional dental office. I highly recommend them!
anonymous Mar 11, 2010

Nice service, Pro servcie A++++
cathsaik, vallejo Mar 15, 2010

I am one of those people who cringe, break into a sweat, and get extremely anxious even thinking about dental work. These people, from the moment you walk in the door, are AMAZING! After years of avoidence I actually look forward to going to my appointments! They are committed to making your visit as pain free as possible, do great work, and are just all around great.
sallie h. Vallejo, CA

Professional staff. Great service. Convenieint Saturday appointments.
Colin P. San Francisco, CA

“Excellent service, highly skilled dentist and technicians, state-of-the-art equipment”

My emergency dental problem was handled quickly and efficiently with little pain and certainly a great deal of relief. Dr. Lim was very concerned and very prompt in scheduling me. In fact, he made a point of coming to the office early to see me. His staff was very efficient and courteous as well. Dr. Lim has state-of-the-art equipment, which really impressed me. In fact, I am considering changing dentists.
deloresm, el cerrito Apr 19, 2010


I love KIM...she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
lynnet, vallejo Apr 12, 2010

“hello everyone... You are better than 1-800-Dentist”

hello: I like everyone in your office. They laugh at my jokes and I like the music. Mary :)
maryh, pinole May 5, 2010

Everyone was professional and nice.They made sure I was comfortable and they explained the procedures thoroughly.

patriciat, hercules May 5, 2010

Everyone was pleasant and reassuring. I had my teeth cleaned with out any pain. All my questions were answered and the future work was explained to my satisfaction.
sharong, el sobrante Mar 6, 2010

Very grateful to have such a great dentist. Dr Lim takes the time to answer your questions and personally follows up after you leave his office. When I had a dental emergency at night, he personally answered my call and made time for me the following morning. He also has a wonderful group of people working for him. Thank you
elenac, hercules May 12, 2010

“Very good”
Very pleased with the professional staff
joanned, vallejo Apr 12, 2010

“Crown and Deep cleaning”
Very professional, concerned about the comfort of patient, explains procedures
joanner, vallejo May 7, 2010

“thrice yearly maintenance cleaning”

Technical expertise is exceptional; however, technician is lovely but too talkative. Also, an issue exists as to my allergy, which the technician said may be Cancerous. This was not necessary.
normal, vallejo Feb 25, 2010

“5/7/10 CLeaning”

Best dentist in Vallejo, CA.
waic, Vallejo May 9, 2010

“Smiling Brightly”
Dr. Lim and Dr. Walker always provide excellent care. Their professionalism and courtesy are wonderful. The front office staff is prompt and efficient and my teeth are always clean and sparkling after a visit!
susanc, pinole May 17, 2010

“Regular cleaning”
Swadee is always a lot of fun and very concerned with my comfort.
lindap, May 16, 2010

My teeth cleaning was relaxing and gentle.
shanhom c., hercules May 23, 2010

“very good”
Very satisfied with the service and scheduling the appointment to meet my availability.
anonymous, Jun 1, 2010

“Great job!”
Thanks for a nice proactive visit to insure that my teeth stays healthy with a through cleaning
georgew, hercules, Jun 15, 2010

“Regular cleaning”
Swadee is always a lot of fun and very concerned with my comfort.
lindap, vallejo May 16, 2010

Love this guy, very gentle.

Does great work, great staff
RB 06/16/2010

“4 star”
excellant in and out service everyone was pleasent
ronalda, vallejo Jun 2, 2010

“perio follow up”
Excellent care and service. Highly recommended. Convenient appointments. Caring dental staff
chaelenec, vallejo Jun 20, 2010

my every 6 mos cleaning, services are good. I have no complains. I like my hygienist the way she clean my teeth . She did good job.
ruthf, el sobrante Jun 24, 2010

“New Patient”
Friendly, informative staff, especially liked the summary of costs associated with necessary work to be done. Did not like the medical history process being on the computer v. paper and that it was not done along with the new patient papers filled out at the front desk.
anonymous Jul 8, 2010

“Great as usual”
It's always a great visit. Everyone is professional, friendly and informative.
kristines, richmond Jul 12, 2010

“A Huge Upgrade”
I told my previous dental office that I wanted an appointment card sent in the mail after I had my teeth cleaned in January 2009. They totally forgot to do it, and I ended up going a year and a half without a dental appointment. Frustrated with their outdated tools and methods anyway, I abandoned my old dentist's office and called Dr. Lim's office. I was able to get a next-day appointment and I loved my visit. The technology was everywhere; everything was new and clean and cutting edge. The staff was friendly and helpful and young and energetic. Dr. Lim was kind and professional and helpful and did stuff that my previous dentist did not do, like screen me for oral cancer and TMJ. My hygenist used a water tool to clean my teeth rather than relying on only metal scrapers. I was highly impressed with this establishment and will be coming back again and again.
anonymous Jul 17, 2010

Removing wisdom teet...”
I have heard so many horrible experiences people have with removing their wisdom teeth but Dr. Lim is super! He knows exactly what he is doing and just make the procedure way better than what I've been hearing. I just have the pain on the first day returning home. Then it was gone the second. I haven't had any swelling on my face (I had removed 2 wisdom teeth on the lower jaw at the same time). Whatever Dr. Lim has warned me that may happen didn't come at all. I just think he is wonderful! I had another dentist before, I would just switch to him for sure!
anonymous, Jul 17, 2010

“annual visit”
very friendly & prompt staff
anonymous, Jul 26, 2010

“Very Professional”
I always receive the best dental care in a prompt and friendly manner.
donnas, Aug 6, 2010

“best experience ever!”
Wow!!! I am the original wimp when it comes to THE DENTIST. As a result, I have neglected my dental care over the years. I began having pain a week ago and last night I knew it was time to deal with the tooth. I openned the yellow pages and there was an ad for people like me...and I made the call. Dr. Lim made me feel comfortable and made my experience and extraction painless. To top it off he called to check on me(not his staff, Dr. Lim himself). Take it from a long-time dentalphob,this is the place for dental care.
deborahc, benicia Aug 10, 2010

“Regular cleaning”
Swadee is a great hygenist.
lindap, vallejo Aug 21, 2010

“the Best”
Best Dentist Office in Vallejo.
leopoldos, Aug 22, 2010

I received excellent dental service.
alexiae, el sobrante Aug 24, 2010

“4 stars”
very impressed with the entire experience
coletted, martinez Aug 27, 2010

“ pain!”
I'm so glad that Dr. Lim is my new dentist. He made me feel very comfortable about having crown work; it was completed quickly and pain-free! Also, the front desk staff, exray tech and hygienist are all very friendly & efficient. I'm ready for my next visit!
beverlyc, pinole Sep 1, 2010

I am very happy, and thankful for all of Dr. lims as well as staffs work.
romondr, rodeo Sep 7, 2010

“Very professional”
The staff was very professional, efficient and helpful. This was my first visit to the office and I was very impressed with the efficiency, knowledge and availability of services.
rhondas, hercules Sep 21, 2010

“It was very nice to meet everyone"
Everyone made me feel very comfortable.
madelinec, pinole Sep 23, 2010

“exam and cleaning”
I very much appreciate my experience with all of the staff. Especially the timeliness of appointments, I don't think I have ever had to wait for a scheduled appointment.
joanned, vallejo Sep 13, 2010

“I had a fortune cookie that read”
As a patient I learned how wonderful it felt to have every staff I came into contact with listen with empahty and respond to my fears and concerns. This was one of the only times in my dental history that I felt the health of my teeth and my fears was at the center of there treament plan. And I might add I would highly recommend Dr. Vincent Lim office to anyone of the people I care for.

jovelynr, san pablo Sep 30, 2010

State of the art equipment in a clean, professional environment contributed to the pleasantness of the experience. The folks are so friendly and concerned about your comfort and well being that is is truly a great experience. It is not grandmothers' experience at the dentist. The dental appointment is no longer a dreaded occassion.
gloriav, richmond Oct 10, 2010

“awesome and pain free”
Dr lim is the best dentist I have ever seen! He is pain free and very talented. He is equiped with the latest technology, and replaced my broken crown in one visit. I recommend him to all my friends and family.
janaf, lahaina Oct 19, 2010

Outstanding service.....hygenist did a great job!
georgew, hercules Oct 21, 2010

“Truly outstanding”
Best dentist in the bay area, great price, very friendly and knowlegable staff!
antoinea, richmond Nov 10, 2010

“Most excellent!”
Very good, I had Dr. Lim's Associate: Dr. Walker and everything went very well. I can't imagine a better Dentist office. Very friendly and professoinal!
anonymous Nov 11, 2010

Thank you so much for my birthday wishes...Your the best dentist I ever had! God bless you.
tiffanyw, san pablo Nov 17, 2010

“Very Good”
Quick, friendly, helpful,and Efficient
anonymous Dec 6, 2010

“limpieza dental”
La atención hacia los pacientes es muy profesional, amable y se preocupan por tu salud dental. Te dan una explicación clara de lo que necesitas y te sientes con la confianza de preguntar tus inquietudes sobre tus necesidades dentales. La razón por la cual mi esposo y yo escogimos a esta oficina dental es por que abren también el día sábado en el que regularmente solo podemos asistir debido al trabajo durante la semana.

Attention to patients is very professional, friendly and care about your dental health. You are given a clear explanation of what you need and you feel confidence to ask your questions about your dental needs. The reason why my husband and I chose this dental office that is also open on Saturday in which we can only attend regularly due to work during the week.
angelican, richmond Dec 6, 2010

“cleaning, very good !”
She did a very very good job, highy recommend ! A++++
cathsaik, vallejo Oct 26, 2010

“very comfortable”
Very professional, very friendly staff
ronm, vallejo Nov 9, 2010

Dr. Lim and his staff are very nice an professional! Dr. Lim did a great job on my fillings and in a speedy time!

jessicam, vallejo Dec 1, 2010


no wait. comfortable. puts me at ease. like the different ways of communicating.
anonymous, Dec 24, 2010

Been coming here for almost 40 years. Will keep coming.
anonymous Dec 17, 2010


Staff is friendly and supportive, sincere. I was treated with respect and talked through each step of my procedure. I recommend Dr. Lim's office to anyone who needs a better dentist with a more understanding staff.
hollyp, pinole Dec 11, 2010

eileeng, el sobrante Dec 28, 2010


Excellent.So far I am very happy.Thank you and have a happy new year.
tesfab, Dec 30, 2010

Excellent.So far I am very happy.Thank you and have a happy new year.
tesfab, hercules Dec 30, 2010

“exhilarating exit”
Highly recommended, high tech equipment.
phallyb, pinole Jan 12, 2011

“Painless :)”
Very professional, no waiting, no pain, experts at what they do !
rhondas, hercules Jan 13, 2011

"clean, courteous, efficient, altogether excellent"
Excellent treatment and care, I would recomment Dr. Lim to everyone.
mariew, Jan 27, 2011

“Deep Cleaning by Hygienist"
very professional, but friendly. Good outcome with minimum amount of pain.
joanner, vallejo Jan 1, 2011

“Perfect in every way”
The staff is outstanding. Josh was my dentist and I can't say enough good things about his demeanor, knowledge, and communication. Thanks to you all.
marka, vallejo Jan 4, 2011

pleasent,easy,fast and painless, staff were pro's.
jasonl vallejo Jan 5, 2011

“Teeth cleaning, and 2 crown preps, with temporary crown"
Very gentle, professional care for nervious patient
joanned vallejo Jan 26, 2011

I actually was a enjoying visit i had a bad expirince one time at a dentist office and have not been to another one in 8 years i am very pleased to say the bed side manners of the staff was the best i have ever seen.
ethanj rigley Jan 27, 2011

Everyone was very friendly
troyo, Jan 28, 2011

“Very Good!”

Doctor and staff professional, yet warm and friendly. Dr. Lim seems to be quite comprehensive and creative in meeting the dental needs of his patient. Despite a dental setting, the environment is positive and uplifting.
toulas, point richmond Feb 2, 2011

Excellent in all respects
mariew, richmond Feb 3, 2011

“Excellent Service and Care”
Thank you, Dr. Walker, and staff.
gloriav, Feb 14, 2011

“4 stars”
The experience made me not so scared of the dentist anymore. It was painless!
lawnab, vallejo Feb 16, 2011

“Great Service as Usual”
Professional, Friendly, No-Waiting, and Quickly out!
joanner, vallejo Feb 19, 2011

“All Smiles”
I was fearful of going back to the dentist after traumatic experience in the past. Amanda, the hygeniest, put me at ease from the very beginning. Thanks.
anonymous, Feb 25, 2011

“No pain!”
The front desk staff are very welcoming. Dr. Walker was very attentive and eased my mind with respect to my huge fear of dental procedures! First time I've ever left a dentist office smiling!!
catherineb, vallejo Mar 3, 2011

“Great job, very professional”
Teeth cleaning by hygienist Amanda. Very professional....explained all procedures. She was super nice and pleasant. Made the experience very easy...also went by too quickly :-D
georgew, hercules Mar 2, 2011

We start with making an appointment - it was A+, got one the following day. The receptionist was friendly and helpful.... The nurses were friendly and pleasant.. Kim was very thorough in cleaning my teeth...she was able to make me relax... And doctor Lim was AAA+++.
zenaidar, hercules Mar 23, 2011

Nice visit
I used to be afraid of the dentist. Now I'm just a bit timid. I'll be back for another visit. No other dentist can say that.
troyo , American Canyon Mar 24, 2011

appreciate the online and text communications. easy to schedule appts. dont have to wait forever to see someone
anonymous, Mar 25, 2011

It was one the best visits!!!
Dr. Lim and Dr. Walker are the best dentist. My experience this past Saturday was the BEST visit I've ever had when filling my cavities. Dr. Walker is AWESOME! He's a keeper Dr. Lim :)
chauneh , Concord Mar 27, 2011

Great experience
Always a great experience! They are very attentive and use cutting edge equipment. That is why I drive 20 miles (one way) for my office visits.
feliciad , Fairfield Apr 5, 2011

I have managed to survive 35 years without any major dental work excluding the biannual teeth cleanings. I've also gotten my wisdom teeth pulled but was completely sedated so don't remember any of it. So naturally I was a little devastated when I managed to crack one of my molars. Dr. Lim assured me I would not feel a thing! I was very apprehensive because I always hear so many nightmare stories of people's horrific dental experiences. But as the needles went into my mouth, I shut my eyes and next thing I knew, the upper portion of my mouth was numb. I did NOT feel a thing thru the ENTIRE procedure. He talked me thru everything and was very gentle! He is incredible!! What provided so much anxiety for me became quite a pleasant experience actually! I would highly recommend Dr. Lim and his team ANY DAY!!! He cares about every patient and makes sure they are all okay and relaxed. He is professional, very respectful and most importantly highly skilled. Everyone who works there is friendly and nice. His office has state of the art equipment. Xrays are all digitally done at your chair. You don't need to walk to another room just to spend 30 minutes taking Xrays. They can also make crowns right there at the office so no need for a double trip. The office is also very clean and beautiful. I was most impressed with the large and well decorated bathroom. Thank you Dr. Lim and team for doing such amazing work!! My teeth and smile can't thank you enough. I look forward to seeing you again for my next visit and encourage anyone who is looking for a dentist in the east bay to come here!
Grace K., Orinda, CA 3/18/2011

Good Service Always
Great service and excellent team of professionals!
karenm , Richmond Mar 24, 2011

First visit yesterday
Everyone, and I do mean everyone in the office is alert and professional. Dentists and Administrators and all assistants answer all your questions without hesitation. Dr. Lim has assembled a wonderful staff! I have referred another family already!
lynnel, Hercules Apr 21, 2011

Great Experience
Best Dentist I have ever been to.
anonymous Apr 5, 2011


I am embarassed to say I hadn't been to the dentist in over 5 years, but needed to go because one of my fillings came out and the tooth was half gone. I needed a root canal and was expecting a very uncomfortable procedure. I'm happy to say I was wrong! From the moment I sat in the chair, Dr. Walker and Sonia made sure I FELT NO PAIN and I didn't the whole procedure! Their knowledge and professionalism and sense of humor was very calming. All the staff at Crossroads were so nice and professional and showed they cared. Thank you all so much!
vickies , Vallejo Apr 7, 2011

Simply the Best
An experience at Crossroad Dental consistently is a friendly service, excellent customer service & everyone displays patience when explaining necessary precedures & billing issues along with a great atmosphere. Overall the best dental office I've experienced.
renej , Vallejo Apr 19, 2011

Great each and every time!
I have only great things to say about my visits, each of the staff are customer service stars! Good team!
joanned, Vallejo Apr 20, 2011

excellant service
3 1/2 min in and 3 1/2 out very nice and professional treat very well.

ronalda, Vallejo Apr 27, 2011

I have referred my bestfriend and boyfriend and they feel the same. The staff is amazing..the office is really cute and the Dr Lim and Dr Walker are the best. They are so caring and go way above and beyond the call of duty. I have never had a dentist call me after an extraction just to check on me before!! They always do and Dr. Lim is always available via cellphone. (He will tell you not to hesitate to call him too). I have been to many dentists and I am telling you that this office is by far the best.
diana k., Fairfield, CA 5/5/2011

Teeth cleaning
My wife Katie & myself had our teeth cleaned & both techs were great. Both had water cleaning & both of us were very pleased. Dr. Lim is always great!
jays , Vallejo May 8, 2011

A place you love going to. Happy to have a good time!
what a wonderful place to see the denist. The doctor made me so comfortble.
robbini , Pinole May 5, 2011

First visit-excellent!
Friendly & thorough service. Exceeded my expectations! So happy to have been referred to Dr. Lim.

sarahc , Oakland May 24, 2011

Excellent experience everytime
Dr Lim isn't even a member of my insurance plan, still can't imagine going anywhere else.

montea , El Sobrante May 24, 2011

Great experience every time, great staff!
Clean facility, friendly, reasonable price

antoinea, Richmond May 25, 2011

cleaning only
Very good gentle and professional. Staff friendly. No waiting.

anonymous May 11, 2011

Caring Dental Care
I have been going to Crossroads for at least 2 years now and they all have been great. The hygienists, staff and especially Dr. Lim have been thorough regarding my needs.

robertr , Vallejo May 15, 2011

I am so impressed
I went to see dr. Walker last week myself and had a great experience. I asked him if he felt comfortable with seeing my 15 year old son who has high functioning autism and is positively terrified of dentists. Dr. Walker agreed to see him.

Today I brought in my 15 year old son and 3 of his siblings, all for checkups. Dr. Walker was fantastic with all of them, but especially my autistic son Levi. Normally, my son would be a shaking mess as soon as they started to look on his mouth. I did not go in the room with him this time, as I did not want to interfere. Levi came out of the room with a big smile on his face and spring in his step! He could not stop telling me over and over again how nice Dr. Walker was and how comfortable he made him feel.

Thank you Dr. Walker for making this dentist visit a great one for all the kids, but especially for Levi!

annar , Vallejo May 17, 2011

gentle and patient
it is always a pleasure when you don't get hurt at the dentist. lol

susanh , Vallejo May 20, 2011

my visit
My visit today was great

kimberlyl , Vallejo May 28, 2011

Excellent dentist
I love to go to the dentist now!
This place and people are just great! no waiting for long time and the office is always clean and every room or chair is just neat!

kathyc , Vallejo Jun 21, 2011

Very Good!!!
Thank you for your wonderful job!
God bless you all!!!

sunas , Benicia Jun 24, 2011

Ms. Melba guice
Dr. Walker was great he explained everything perfectly and regardless of the price of thing just his professionalsim alone I would pay to have all of the work I need done taken care of by Cross Roads. The Receptionist area was also great, they all had smiles on there faces and there since of humor was also delightful it's nice after a long day of work to be able to walk into a place where everyone makes you feel welcome.

melbag, American Canyon, Jul 7, 2011 - 7 days ago

Excellent Care
Dr. Lim and his staff are exceptional. I have always received quality care. Thanks so much!

jacquelinea , Rodeo Jun 9, 2011

Dental cleaning, xray and exam
Amanda is fantastic: cordial, efficient, and attentive.
Dr. Lim is a professional as always.
I got in on time. The appointment went smoothly and quick. The front staff were pleasant and helpful.
Thank you for a job well done.

thomasc, Pinole Jun 16, 2011

Excellent Service & Caring Staff
marke , Vallejo Jul 15, 2011

recent appt
It was delightful. I like the performance of the hygienist.
danilod , Vallejo Jul 26, 2011

Survival of a dentaphobe!
Staff is wonderful as always. No pain! my hygienist was happy about my teeth and gums, therfore I am happy as well. If you are looking for a great dental experience, look no further. Really. I mean it
sallieh , Vallejo Aug 6, 2011

Recent appointment
All in all, an A+....Dr. Lim is very good, understanding and careful. There is a synergy in the office with his cordial staff that you can feel when one visits. Most people dread going to the dentist but with Crossroads, your needs will be taken care of! Thank you, Crossroads!
robertr , Vallejo Aug 7, 2011

Ever since I was little I was extremely apprehensive about dental visits. I've always had a bad experience with them and they were always painful.

Until I found this location, I've been a client to this office location since 2003, and they've always done an good job with teeth cleanings, cavity fillings as well as wisdom teeth removals. In 2008 I turned 25 and was cut of from my parents' insurance. Professional dental care has been absent in my life for about 3 years.

However, I've come back now, and boy have they changed. I called to make an appointment and their staff was great. I was surprised to know that they still had my records in file. I spoke with Angeline (I think was her name) and she was extremely nice over the phone, and she accommodated all of my needs as well as my husbands. Tressie (I'm not sure I spelled her name right) is also pleasant as well, she's always the one to give me my courtesy reminder calls. I love the fact that they do that a day prior to your appointment, because I have extremely bad memory.

Amanda, a new face to me, was the one who performed my teeth cleaning and she was delightful. Amanda was very gentle with my teeth after I informed her I hadn't seen a dentist in years. She finished fast as well. After every teeth cleaning, especially if you're new or like me, hadn't been there in years; follows an x-ray. After the x-ray follows a D.D.S. consultation, and Dr. Walker I hadn't seen before either. He was absolutely wonderful, his personality is very welcoming and he is definitely passionate about what he does. I've seen Dr.Lim before, and with all do respect, I now prefer Dr. Walker more. The reason I say that is because his interaction with clients is not the usual droning experience you witness with a dentist where they make you feel guilty about not flossing. He goes in depth with whats happening with your teeth and what he would like to see happen for your better health. He explains any concerns you may have, and better yet concerns you may not have known. He informed me I had 3 simple cavities that he could fix with no complications. Both Amanda and Dr. Walker made me walk out of there a floss and fluoride-believer, which I now do twice, if not once a day.

I came in 2 weeks later to get my 3 cavities filled by Dr. Walker. I walked out of there in less than an hour. Dr. Walker, is extremely professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and is also a punctual perfectionist. My teeth are definitely heading for a better, healthy future! Thanks to Crossroads dental.
Dita B. 6/16/2011

great staff
the ladies are very nice and friendly, Dr. Lim is gentle
anonymous Aug 8, 2011

johnnya , Emmeryville Aug 21, 2011

my second visit
Everyone was ready when I got there and ready to begin visit. Dr. Walker and his assistant were very willing to explain what needed to be done and why. They took their time to answer all of my questions. I am pleased to have found this group of professionals.
anonymous Aug 25, 2011

Excellent experience
I get the best dental care at Dr. Lim's. His practice is all state of the art and his staff was warm, friendly, and professional.
marians , Vallejo Sep 28, 2011

Most professional and no pain!!
Office is very friendly and accomodating. Dr. Lim gives the anaesthetic with no pain at all! The hygienist is very thorough, but personable as well. I would recommend their office.
joanner , Vallejo Sep 28, 2011

Great service
Everyone here was wonderful as usual. Great service! They really know what they're doing here.
anonymous Oct 15, 2011

Experience while visiting my dentist
All went well. Courtesy, explanations, questioned if I had questions, instructions, outlined follow-up. Lots of smiles.
anonymous Oct 20, 2011

Good Experience!
I had an excellent experience with the doctor and the hygienist. My cleaning was one of the best cleaning I ever had and Dr. Walker was awesome!!!!!...
anonymous Sep 7, 2011

cleaning review
as always, great experience at the dentist-so glad I changes to Dr. Walker.
coletted , Martinez Sep 20, 2011

kim, was exceptional just finish the deep cleaning.
This is a professional and caring dental office. I will suggest this professional team to everyone. Easy to get appointments, great follow up with their office. Gets you in and out quickly no long waits considered of your time.
patriciab Sep 27, 2011

Healthy Smiles 4 Me!
It used to be scary for me to go to the dentist because it meant pain and discomfort. After finding Dr. Lim, I am actually happy to go to my dental appointments. The friendly office staff is always welcoming and professional. Dr. Lim has state-of-the-art equipment and he calmly talks you through the steps of your treatment. Each visit has been pain-free and my teeth are happy and healthy. Thanks Dr. Lim for my great smile! {:-)
beverlyc , Pinole Sep 28, 2011

dental experience
Very professional dental assistants also the ladies at the front desk are courtious and friendly.

The dentist explain in easy term what was to be done and did with the patient wellbeing in mind. I would highly recommend this office.
danielles , Pinole Oct 7, 2011

Love them!
My experience was great as always. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Kim, my dental hygienist, is great! She always puts me at ease and makes the my check-ups and cleanings as comfortable as possible. AND she also likes to chat about what's going on in my life so there's also the sense of a personal relationship, which is a great added bonus to getting excellent dental care!
taripamoo , Pinole Oct 20, 2011

I have been traumatized by my past dentists that I have been avoiding them all my life. Not anymore! I have had major procedures done by Dr. Lim and Dr. Walker and I can't remember a single painful event ever. They have just become my best friends forever. Great staff, friendly and very professional. The place is immaculate and everything is so well explained from financing to post-op care. No more running for me.
edgardos , El Sobrante Oct 20, 2011

Annual Cleaning
Great job! Very friendly and worry free.
georgew , Hercules Nov 2, 2011

Amazing Service and Staff
Had my routine cleaning. Service was quick. Dental hygienist was very gentle and thorough.
elenac , Hercules Nov 2, 2011

Excellent Dentist (Dr. Lim) and Staff

Doctor Lim is an excellent dentist who is an expert in his craft. He is a very gentle dentist which pleases me the most. Doctor Lim is also surrounded by a great staff. Love the humor and smiles of all the assistants which kept me calm....Thanks to you all...
aliciaa , Vallejo Nov 8, 2011


Very thorough and generous with time and answers.
anonymous Dec 29, 2011

So Glad I chose this dentist office

The staff here is super sweet and helpful. I absolutely fear going to the dentist. Everyone is very understanding... I got my teeth cleaned last appointment and she was very gentle. I found the office because of a promotion/flyer I got in the mail. I'm so glad I tried them out.
anonymous Jan 9, 2012

Great dental care

I've been to Crossroads twice now seeing Dr. Walker. He is very thorough, enthusiastic, and skilled. The other clinical staff are likewise. Desk staff could use a little more personal touch with patients, but I'm sure that is partly due to the large amount of time I know they spend on the phone. They are in by no means rude or unskilled, just lacking that extra personal touch is all. The only real complaint I have is price. Crossroads doesn't offer all of the options that other dentists might. For example, they don't offer metal crowns which would be cheaper option. The rationale being they aren't the best so why offer them. I disagree with that thinking, but if you can afford the best, get the best which is why I come back to Crossroads.
anonymous Jan 2, 2012

Excellent Service

We have tried 11 different dentist in 11 years in Vallejo, Crossroads Dental is the best we have tried, quality vs price. We are very happy with them.
kurtk , Vallejo Jan 11, 2012

Excellent Service!

For me, dentist's office is one of the scariest places. But thanks to the smiling, kind staff members including dentists, I feel comfortable. Thank you, everyone!
sunas , Vallejo Jan 16, 2012

Wonderful Dentist Office

Very pretty/clean office space. Staff is very friendly! Wonderful experience.
anonymous Jan 20, 2012

My last office visit

While seeing a dentist is never a joy, it can at least be a possitive experience. My dentist is Dr. Walker, and I appreciate his way of explaining what needs to be done clearly and in a friendly manner, and then doing it in a careful thoughtfdul way. I also appreciate the office staff who are friendly and helpful, particularly with insurance billing..
joanned , Vallejo Jan 25, 2012

cleaning appointment

My appointment last Friday Feb. 03, 2012 with Swati, I hope I got her name right was good. I had no complain. She was helpful and concerned how I felt all the time. And I really appreciated that.

Thank you,
ednal , Vallejo Feb 6, 2012

Wonderful Service!

It was wonderful! Thank you for your beautiful work~
sunas , Vallejo Feb 20, 2012

my pain free appointment---crown prep

Total excellent experience. Pain free.
mariew , Richmond Nov 17, 2011


I went to Dr. Lim's office because I have "The Phobia" well good choice on my part. My "Phobia" has almost gone away. Each visit was respectful and gentle. The staff is very comforting, the dental work is painless, honestly!
anonymous Nov 30, 2011

first timer

robertm Nov 30, 2011

Caring Doctor

Dr. Lim is a very caring dentist who listens to your concerns and tries to accommodate you!
He is very professional and has the most modern tool and procedures. He respects your time and has reasonable pricing.
All and all he works well with his patients!
ronaldg , Richmond Dec 11, 2011

Good job!

Staff are friendly and courteous--great service. I had to wait about 15 minutes but I didn't mind since the staff updated me a couple of times, so I wasn't just there waiting wondering what was taking so long.
anonymous Dec 13, 2011


Dr. Lim is a very professional dentist. He show real concern for his patients.
ronaldg , Richmond Dec 29, 2011


My cleaning visit-Kim was great, she knows her business, she is great with her patients and knowledgeable.

Dr Walker was also great, he did not try to squeeze the visit or have me book an appt for unnecessary work at this time. I like that and I like Dr Walker.

The only adverse effect to the visit: I never paid $34.+ dollars out of my pocket for cleaning, it's difficult to pay for the visit before being billed. My previous dentist sent a bill, then the insurance sent a bill then it was paid. I was with my previous dentist for 40++ years and you get use to doing things the old way.

Happy New Year to all,

eileeng , El Sobrante Jan 3, 2012

deep cleaning

The procedure was thoroughly explained prior to the start. I appreciated each step being explained as we proceeded. There was very little discomfort. All in all I had a fine time.
richardr , San Pablo Feb 2, 2012

good customer service

Customer service was really good. Hygienist did a great job, very professional
joseb , Pinole Feb 16, 2012

I have been a resident of Vallejo for over 12 years, and have gone to 8 different Dentist here. I have one MAJOR pet peeve (and this was actually a skit on a Seinefeld episode). When a Dentist makes you sign one of those contracts that states YOU will pay them $25+ for a late or missed appointment, this drives me crazy! I always ask them if they will add a clause to it; that states that THEY will pay ME $25+ if I have to wait more then 10 minutes in the waiting room. Or, this one everyone has experienced; they put you in the chair and then they take 30 minutes or more to start on you! Why is THEIR time more important then YOURS? My family & I have never waited more then 5 minutes, EVER in the waiting room, and I'm talking over 9 visits! This is unheard of in the Dentistry business. Dr. Lim is VERY fast, the fastest I've seen in 40 years of going to Dentists. I'm a very "A" type person, cynical & judgmental, so when I give my seal of approval to a Dentist, believe me it comes with much scrutiny. Now other Dentist are very good, but I'm talking about the WHOLE experience, many of the office workers are mostly the issue. Not at Crossroads Dental, outstanding all the way around.

We also, like a previous Yelper, went to another Dentist, I won't divulge her name; let's just call them Setty Dental in Vallejo on Redwood street ; ). When they first opened, I switched Dentist to use my companies PPO dental plan with Aetna, to save costs, since Dr. Lim had preformed all the dental work the previous year. I switched to Setty, their Dentist said I need the dreaded "Deep Cleaning" like the previous Yelper, I also, take good care of my teeth, and was surprised with her assessment. Dr. Lim, the previous year, did not mention this EXPENSIVE procedure, not to mention PAINFUL. I said could you just do the normal (free per PPO insurance) teeth cleaning? She refused!!! We left, went back to Dr. Lim and told him my story, and his FREE second opinion was I did not need it. I said I don't currently have the insurance he takes, so he cut the cost of the cleaning and eliminated the oral evaluation, so I could afford to have my family's teeth cleaned, until I could switch back to the insurance he accepts this year.

I consider Dr. Lim (& Dr. Walker) VERY professional, VERY quick, Very considerate of YOUR time & a VERY good value (10 out of 10). Amanda did the best cleaning, on both occasions on both my wife & me, and we both agreed it was the best we have ever had. I must add also that I experienced the LEAST pain ever at Crossroads Dental. The staff is very polite & helpful also. They ALL care, and it shows. The ONLY down side, is they do not accept the low end insurances, and they SHOULDN'T as they are WORTH the relatively small extra cost!

All this coming from the most demanding dental customer around, trust me when I say they are outstanding. They are the reason I signed up for Yelp, I had to pass my 12 year dental journey story on to someone who need to learn what I've been through, sometimes it takes that long to find perfection! Try them, you WONT be disappointed!
Kurt K., Vallejo, CA 1/21/2012

Still going here, still very happy with them. I read a review on another site that was quite negative, and was saddened about it. Everyone I have referred raves about Crossroads. Do yourself a favor and go to these folks. They are always willing to listen, they care about you and you health. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!
sallie h., Vallejo, CA 8/6/2011

Emergency Visit
From my Saturday morning phone call with receptionist to the insurance verification clerk - to the appointment - the customer service was outstanding.

The dental assistant and Dr. Lim were incredible - made my experience wonderful.

I will be recommending Dr. Lim to all who are having any kind of issues (good or bad) with their teeth!!

I'm humbled and grateful for this dental experience and will return in 2 weeks for follow-up and next steps.

Thank you to the entire team @ Crossroads Dental Care.
patriciah , Vallejo Mar 18, 2012

Above and Beyond my Expectation
Crossroads Dental Care is the best dental office in Solano County. All the staff at Crossroad Dental is friendly and very professional. I use to have anxiety going to the dentist but not since I've been going here. Dr. Lim as well as the other dentists in the office are very efficient and I leave knowing I've had the best dental care possible.
marians , Vallejo Mar 30, 2012

i am really impressed by all of the employees at crossroads. the technician knows i am a chicken and always makes sure i am comfortable and if i need a break. good care, good atmosphere, oh- and good dentists.
susanh , Vallejo Apr 6, 2012

Always have a good time there. Come in smiling, leave cheesing ear to ear!
jaronea , Richmond Feb 25, 2012

Always top service
I've been with Dr. Lim since his El Sobrante days and he runs a great office. Everyone is friendly and professional. Always feel welcome and his hygenist's always do a great job. Had Amanda this last time and she gave me a top notch old school cleaning. So they still know how to go "old school" instead of using the atomizer or whatever that new cleaning tool is. Thanks.
danc , El Sobrante Feb 29, 2012

dental hygienist
Amanda is knowledgeable, personable and a very good hygienist
steveb , Richmond Mar 2, 2012

Annual Cleaning
Great service and very through. Super nice and friendly
georgew , Hercules Mar 8, 2012

I had a great experience. Great service
andrewm , Hercules Mar 22, 2012

Excellent, will continue on 3-4 monthly basis
mariew , Richmond Mar 22, 2012

Excellent dental service!
I am a new patient. I found my 2 appointments very satisfactory. I really appreciate my dental hygienist. She has a very gentle touch, is extremely professional and very thorough.
Thank you.
eleanorb , El Sobrante Mar 28, 2012

It was an excellent experience
Kim was terrific hygenist! My mouth and teeth felt really clean and refresh. Everyone is very professional and the equipments are high end.
Good Job guys!
georgej , Hercules Apr 5, 2012

ronaldg , Richmond Apr 12, 2012

Overall the doctor and staffs addressed my needs, and provided me with the latest technology to accomplish the task! Good job!
victoriam May 17, 2012

I had a great visit with Kim for my cleaning. Dr Lim was a gentle giant. Thanks Kim.
eileeng May 30, 2012

very happy
you folks are great - don't want to go anywhere else!! thanks all!
anonymous Jun 1, 2012

Dental work
Dr. Lim is patient and ensures that I feel at ease
and comfortable. I am scared of dentist that's why it took me a long time to visit Dr, Lim's office.
rosalinaw Jun 14, 2012

Very friendly staff
I forgot her name, but she was so gently cleaning my teeth and around my gum. Thank you very much I felt I am your long time patient.
ricardop Jun 16, 2012

Great staff!
I want to thank the entire staff for being so nice and understanding. I was seen quickly and my dental issue was resolved with no problems, or pain.
tianal Apr 17, 2012

positive experience on my first visit
My first visit was very positive. All the staff and Dr. Lim were so friendly and approachable. Jennifer did my X-ray and Amanda gave me a much needed deep-cleaning. Talked to Dr. Lim about the various options I have with regards to my long-term dental needs and maintenance. It's also comforting to know that I can call him anytime I need to.
susand Apr 17, 2012

Stellar, as always
As usual, the staff at Crossroads Dental is great, concerned, caring, and attentive to detail. I've almost stopped reflexively flinching, even though I know they do their absolute best on my sensitive teeth!
sallieh Apr 21, 2012

Dental cleaning, etc
Great experience with my caring, meticulous and knowledgeable hygienist.
danilod May 8, 2012

First Visit
Had a great first visit. All of the Staff were courteous, efficient and took the time to explain my options. I found Dr. Lim professional, easy to talk to and took the time needed to not only explain to me the work that is needed to be done; but prioritized each service as I requested. I appreciated Swati's approach in cleaning my teeth and taking the time to explain what I needed to do to have healthier gums and teeth. Thank you Crossroads Dental for making my first visit a pleasant experience.
anonymous May 9, 2012

crown prep and cleaning
pain free experience. very friendly. very professional
joanner May 17, 2012

cleaning appointment
My appointment with Swati last week, who did my cleaning went very well. She made me feel comfortable and she asked me constantly if I was hurting or if I was OK, and I appreciated it, because it gave me a break and it made me feel good. She really did a good job.
ednal Jun 11, 2012

Great team!
What a great team! When I go in for my visits they make me feel so comfortable that I want to take off my shoes when I sit on the dental chair.

I like Dr Lim and his staff so much that I want to bake them cookies and buy them donuts. :)
ressa Jun 13, 2012

visiting the dentist is no longer a pain!
The people here actually listen and remember you (and your teeth). They're intelligent, happy to talk and answer questions.
anonymous Jun 16, 2012

Cleaning & Zoom whitening
Had a very good experience. Everyone was very nice, knowledgable, gentle and attentative.

Zoom treatment was a uncomfortable but not unbarable and provided me with better than expected whitening results.

Thank you
alishag Jun 20, 2012

dental checkup and cleaning
As usual, all went well. Amanda is a delight and knows her business. Dr. Lim is a pro and utilizes state of the art equipment. Nice job!
thomasc Jul 2, 2012

Same great experience time after time
antoinea Jul 11, 2012

Dr. Walker was super professional and friendly. Explained quite a bit about general oral hygiene and maintenance I wasn't aware of.
georgew Jul 26, 2012

They are great
I have had some bad experiences with dentists over the years and recently switched to Crossroads. Their service has been wonderful and they did an awesome job filling my cavities this past weekend.
anonymous Jun 21, 2012

Great experience
Dr. Lim is the finest dentist I have seen. Very skilled.
kimp Jun 23, 2012

Price of services at Crossroads is higher than what seems average from other dentists I've seen in the area, but when Crossroads is having to fix the work of those other dentists, I already have more faith that they are worth the price. And they are willing to work with me on the price and how to pay, showing a commitment to please me - the customer - which many dentists don't seem to have.
anonymous Jun 24, 2012

Dental Appointment
Excellent Service as always. It is a pleasure going to Crosseroads Dental Care.
toniaw Jul 15, 2012

Great Experience
I had a great experience with my initial visit to your office. Friendly staff and professional dentist. Glad I received your flyer.
johnc Jul 24, 2012

My worries put to rest
My appointment was very swift. I had an x-ray examination done, Dr. Walker suggested that I should get my wisdom teeth removed, and Swati performed excellently as a hygienist.
anthonyp Jul 26, 2012

Great job!!
I loved the way dentgist Walker explained everything to me. I love his style.
johnnyc Jul 29, 2012

I'm out of town... and in pain!
I had a broken tooth, and was going to wait to visit my home dentist. It got a terrible infection, and I was in severe pain, unable to sleep. Dr. Walker saw me about 2 hours after I called... on a Saturday! Excellent office & staff. He saw my problem, started me on pain meds and an antibiotic right there in the office! I then filled the prescriptions. I can now sleep, and the swelling is going down. I can now drive back home for my dentist to pull the bad tooth. Excellent care & caring folks! 5 Stars for me! Thank you Crossroads Dental! I've already told several people about them who live in their area.
larryf Jul 29, 2012

Thank U
Great service..never new why we got cavities so easily until Dr. Lim explained. Now he is going to do a protective seal on my daughter's teeth to prevent her from getting cavities on her perms. Thanks!!
tiffanyh Aug 21, 2012

The receptionist has a very pleasant voice and a stunning smile and sports a nice diamond engagement ring.

My "personal" dental hygenist, Amanda, has very steady hands. She is one of the best hygenists that i have met. I am looking forward to seeing her again.

Dr. Lim, while not man of many words, is a true professional and ALWAYS cares for his patients above all else. You will need to ask if you want to know why.
billw Aug 22, 2012

5 Star treatment
I really appreciated how organized the staff were, and my dentist made me feel totally relaxed as she talked me through my ordeal. I even watched a movie while I was numbing.
michaelc Sep 18, 2012

Great Job
It was my first time at this particular Dentist office and I was highly impressed. The Doc did a great job. I felt no pain at all and it did not take me all day.
wandac Sep 27, 2012

Great Service and Equipment
Top Notch Dentist. I would recommend Dr. Lim to anyone. Great assistants too.
deanb Oct 17, 2012

Having my teeth cleaned.
I like the service and all the staff, very professional.
glendar Oct 18, 2012

Classy and quick
Beautiful office, friendly and knowledgeable staff, quick and painless work. Classy job guys!
ryans Oct 26, 2012

clean teeth
i was just in for a teeth cleaning and i like my hygienist. She does a good job of calming me down. susie
susanh Aug 10, 2012

I had a wonderful relaxing experience for my dental cleaning. I would recommend Swati, the dental hygienist who worked with me today to anyone!
edenp Aug 10, 2012

Very caring, friendly and professional!
Amanda is the best! She was caring and carefulnot to put me in any pain!!! I had a full mouth deep cleaning which left me in so much discomfort the following day tho..I reccommend against having a full mouth done and rather half at a time!! The staff in the front office was also the nicest ever.
dawnm Aug 13, 2012

pain free dental work
Dr Lim is the best at what he does and I am so glad to hear that he can do the implant himself. I trust Dr. Lim to have my best interest in mind and for the long run the best dental plan.
janaf Sep 14, 2012

Regular cleaning
Everything was fine and pleasant. My only complaint, and it's not really a complaint, is that my higienist is a bit too chatty. I understand that they have to be nice and cordial, but I'd rather not talk too much. I'm a quiet person by nature and I just want to sit and relax during my appointment. Thanks.
anonymous Sep 22, 2012

My Hygienist is very pleasant and professional.
josephi Sep 23, 2012

regular cleaning
My appointment went well. My hygienist was very pleasant and she did a great job. I would see her again.
Thank you, Edna
ednal Oct 15, 2012

Routine teeth cleaning
Great experience as always. Swathi was great.
miriama Oct 15, 2012

Tooth abscess
Had a tooth abscess and was on too much pain. Dr. Lim saw me the same day I called. Dr. Lim put me on antibiotic treatment then 4 days later had a root canal done. The front office staff are very friendly and always make me feel at home. Please continue the friendly, happy atmosphere.
avelinae Oct 21, 2012

Quick, Painless
I continue to receive the same quick, painless, and high quality care as in the past.
trevorw Oct 26, 2012

I would not drive all the way from Vacaville for bad service. You all are GREAT!! Keep up the marvelous job!
evelynh Oct 26, 2012

very professional, caring and thorough
thomasv Oct 30, 2012

Fabulous service and exceptional care
My hygienist Kelly was great as was all the staff. Thank you for making me feel relaxed as Dental care/procedures are stressful enough. The staff was very kind and informative. Very glad I chose Crossroads Dental Care.
shirleya Nov 3, 2012

My visit for deep cleaning
I was impressed by the thoroughness of the work and also the time that my professional took to help me feel comfortable and keep me informed about what was going to be done. I enjoy all the staff too - they are great! thank you
anonymous Nov 9, 2012

This dental office did an excellent job fixing any problems in regards of tooth. Their environment are very clean and mostly all employyes are very knowledgeable. I would recommend this to anyone. I'm very pleased for the services they provided me. Thank you very much Dr. Lim for being so understanding.
marilyna Nov 13, 2012

happy happy !
excellent service.everyone has a cheerful disposition.i'm glad i chose the place.ROBERT MARTINEZ.
robertm Nov 18, 2012

awesome follow up/cleaning
thank you to the amazing and professional staff at Dr. Lim's office. The ladies were so helpful with watching my daughter while I received my cleaning....thank you so much for that!
andrews Nov 26, 2012

Super Pleasant Visit
Dr Julia Baum was awesome during my cleaning visit. She explained every procedure and was super pleasant! Five star rating without batting a eye lash!! Thank you for your services Dr Baum :-D
georgew Dec 1, 2012

Front staff are polite and helpful
Front staff are polite and helpful as always. Amanda is wonderful. Dr. LIm is at the top of his game: State of the Art equipment, fast service, concern for comfort, great results. Thank you.
thomasc Dec 4, 2012

excellent as usual!!! great staff!!!
dennisc Dec 7, 2012

My visit was enjoyable because...
My visit was enjoyable because the dentist and assistant took the time to put me at ease and explain what they had to do. There was no frustrating delay in getting the work done and no adverse reaction to their work. Thank you.
anonymous Dec 17, 2012

First time visit was great!
abeln Dec 30, 2012

Great as always!
susanm Jan 12, 2013

As usual, excellent service
montea Jan 21, 2013

Excellent staff friendly and nice. Good experience
anonymous Jan 27, 2013

Caring staff as always, always on time for my appointment.
antoinea Jan 31, 2013

Very Professional
My appointment was for a crown replacement. I found all the staff and Dr Lim very courteous and professional from the moment I entered the office until I left.
janetb Nov 6, 2012

Best and quickest Filling ever
I had a 9:30a appt. and I was out by 9:50. Painless and quick. Sonya was very friendly as was the young woman at the desk. Dr Lim was skilled and fast. Thank you all. See you in January.
shirleya Nov 11, 2012

Deep Cleaning
My deep cleaning went so much better than my anxiety expected.
Thank you Swathi for a great experience
miriama Nov 11, 2012

Fabulous as always
Really, I hate going to the dentist! Crossroads is always a good experience from start to finish and they are very concientious to keep yu from feeling pain. I will keep coming here even though I have moved 70 miles away!
sallieh Nov 12, 2012

Loved it. The doctor was fabulous!!!
tonic Dec 14, 2012

I was in for my regular cleaning...
I was in for my regular cleaning with Amanda and everything went very well. Amanda really takes pride in her work. She ensures that you understand what she is doing. It is a pleasure to have Amanda as my Dental Hygienist.
horacej Dec 16, 2012

Great customer service made me feel comfartable fast and quality service love the staff they have
marcuss Dec 16, 2012

It is a real pleasure to have Dr. Lim as our dentist. He and his staff provide excellent service. It is a nice change to have smiling faces greet you at the front desk and to know that they appreciate you. It has been 2 years now since my family and I switched to Dr. Lim's office and we are thrilled for their professional, personalized and family-friendly service. :)
josephinec Dec 24, 2012


barbaraa Dec 24, 2012

Amanda .. Is the best for all who come to have teeth cleaned.

Please tell her .. Thank you
egroh Dec 24, 2012

Excellent care - as painless as a wisdom tooth extraction can be!
jenniferw Jan 16, 2013

I thought that Dr.Baum was terrific.
richardl Jan 24, 2013

Excellent service
edwardm Jan 28, 2013

very friendly and professional staff.
josephi Jan 28, 2013

The female dentist, I did not catch her name, was so sweet and gentle. She explained everything and was constantly asking if I was okay or if I needed a break. She was concerned about the appearance of my smile (front teeth were involved) and took care to make it look good. Everyone was professional and caring.
tracyc Jan 30, 2013

Well the hygienist is very friendly and professional, as the front desk as well. So keep it up!
richardl Jan 31, 2013

Dr. Lim is very kind and has a professional staff. I was informed about my cost ahead of treatment. It was also a nice touch to be able to watch Netflex during my treatments.
I would like to see an updated yellow page ad, Dr. Walker is no longer with Dr. Lim's dental group and Zoom treatment is now going for @ $300 at other bay area dental groups. I was very please with the Zoom results and aftercare.
richardl Feb 2, 2013

Fast and easy, what every doctors appointment should be
abeln Feb 20, 2013

My cleaning appointment was well and good. Swati is always concern if you are in pain or not. And I prefer that because you feel that you are well attended to. She did an excellent job. Thank you very much.
ednal Feb 19, 2013

I was very happy not only with the fact that they could take me the same day that I called and very happy with the results - I can keep my broken tooth after it gets a new 'coating' (crown)
karana Feb 22, 2013

Speedy, Conscientious, Clean, and Modern
malcolml Mar 1, 2013

I chipped my tooth and needed to see the dentist right away. They were able to schedule me the very next day (Saturday). She was able to fix my tooth in less than 20 minutes and it looks like new! Good job guys! Highly recommended.
anonymous Mar 6, 2013

Very professional, always helping with any questions, easy to get to location.
michaelj Mar 15, 2013

Excellent service
darlened Mar 13, 2013

excellent ! why?
robertm Mar 20, 2013

Always great treatment.
danc Mar 23, 2013

Great staff, very professional.
michaelj Mar 24, 2013

I never write reviews however I feel not writing one for Dr. Lim's office would be a disservice. Dr. Lim and Dr. Su (sp) are very dedicated in providing excellent service to their patients. I have been in several offices that are only looking to "maximize" your yearly benefits without thought to you. Although I'm sure his incredibly friendly staff are trying to maximize your benefits to benefit YOU it is done professionaly and it doesn't make you feel like you aren't important. Dr. Su explains all issues with you and is not frustrated when asked questions a many providers can get. You want quality service this is the place to go. My only wish is that they would take an HMO type insurance but hey we can't have it all. ;)
rebeccat Mar 26, 2013

the staff at the reception desk were friendly. The dental Hygienist was very thorough, she provided excellent customer service
joseb Mar 27, 2013

Friendly staff with great tips on keeping my teeth healthy! I enjoyed my experience at Crossroads Dental Care and I would recommend it to others.
anonymous Apr 4, 2013

This was the best dental experience I have had. The office staff are friendly and welcoming. And the dental staff were wonderful and patient.
shantalw Apr 9, 2013

As usual I had a good experience at Crossroads Dental, from the front desk, assistants and Dr; Lim. The office is always friendly, professional and accommodating. Getting the work done was painless and quick, Dr. Lim always wants to be sure that you are not experiencing any pain and he tells you what he is going to do as he goes along. Longtime patient, JoAnne
joanner Apr 11, 2013

my hygienist is wonderful!
susanh Apr 11, 2013

my dentist was great. She explained everything that she was doing. She was very gentle.
anonymous Apr 14, 2013

Fantastic as usual
deborahg Apr 14, 2013

My first visit
As scared as I am about going to a denist, I have to say, that all the girls in the front office were very kind and nice. Dr Lim put me at ease and I felt a little better. Hope I can make it ok with the rest of the procedture. Thanl You. Joan Werwa

Always a great experience.
feliciad Apr 19, 2013

This was the best dental experience I have had. The office staff are friendly and welcoming. And the dental staff were wonderful and patient.
shantalw Apr 9, 2013

my dentist was great. She explained everything that she was doing. She was very gentle.
anonymous Apr 14, 2013

The Doctor is always on time, patience with me let's me know what to expect while he is working.

I recommended my sister in law Judy in Vallejo, Ca. for
the services.
patriciab Apr 22, 2013

Monte A, Apr 2013

My experience was great. No problems. My dentist was very informative.
Wanda C, Apr 2013

kind and professional staff. Out of pocket expense is giving ahead of apt.
Richard L , Apr 2013

Dental hygienist had a light gentle touch, and out of pocket fee's were giving ahead of appointment.

Dr. Lim stopped by to say "hi". Nice touch.
Richard L, Apr 2013

I had great experience , staff was proffesional, doctor was wonderful

I felt that I received the best treatment , would highly recommend this office to anyone.
Anonymous, Apr 2013

Excellent experience every time.
Antoine A, Apr 2013

Great service
Anonymous, Apr 2013

As scared as I am about going to a denist, I have to say, that all the girls in the front office were very kind and nice. Dr Lim put me at ease and I felt a little better. Hope I can make it ok with the rest of the procedture. Thanl You. Joan W.
Joan W, Apr 2013

Always a great experience.
Felicia D, Apr 2013

wonderful Staff and excellent service
Deborah P, May 2013

I go to the doctor because he is very skilld and use very modern tools and techniques.
Ronald G, May 2013

Dr Lim and his staff are great. They fit me in with one day's notice to replace a filling in my front tooth. I'm new to the area and hadn't picked a dentist yet, so glad I found them.
Anonymous, May 2013

Wonderful dental experience!!!
Carolyn S, May 2013

I had a great experience in this office. I usually avoid going to the dentist. But stuff was professional and courteous, and the dentist was nice and accompdating, understood my fears , explained my treatment clearly. I also had a cleaning done. Hygienist was gentle and easy going, overall A+
Anonymous, May 2013

i can not thank you all enough! i truly appreciate being seen on a last minute & timely manner! dr lim is great & funny; kept me as calm as i could be. and honestly i wouldnt of had this done without the help of alyson & dr. lim. will most definitely recommend family & friends!

once again THANK YOU!!!!! :)
Cindy J, May 2013

Easily the best dentist office i have ever been to. This is a very comfortable, clean, neat, and efficiently built facility. Even more importantly, their staff makes you feel welcomed, their customer service is superb, and they are mindful, and sensitive to your needs.
Anonymous, May 2013

The service and attention to customer care was excellent!
Anonymous, May 2013

Great service!!
Edward M, May 2013

In and out fast, no pain. Friendly and professional as usual!
Joanne R, May 2013

My appointment with Swati was good. She did a great job. I highly recommend her to other patients.
Edna L, 2013

good experience my check is showing improvement love the lady who did the my check up this time. Please say thanks to her.
Patricia B, May 2013

I've never been to a dentist as great as this. Very professional and thorough and Kim is the sweetest dental assistant! I regret not coming here sooner. I was pleased with everything about this office!
Anonymous, May 2013

Wonderful staff, very nice welcoming athmosphere, great dentists and hygienists, i enjoyed my visit as much as i could, despite of me not particularly liking visiting dentists...
Anonymous, May 2013

Dr.Lim was great, staff was very helpful, was great experience.
Anonymous, May 2013

As always, I am very happy to meet with Dr. Baum. No pain, no stress, and I always feel that she gives me her complete attention.
Esther W, May 2013

Great new Dr. I called at 9 AM with a filling that had fallen out and got a 11 AM appointment and was out of the office by 11:30 feeling great!
Ralph B, May 2013

I love this place! Everyone is so nice!
Anonymous, May 2013

Amanda is doing a great job. Not only is she highly competent and a very skilled hygienist, she also has a very pleasing personality.
Steve B, June 2013

Great experience. Courteous staff. Highly recommend!
Anonymous, June 2013

excellent with teeth cleaning.excellent.excellent and excellent.
Robert M, June 2013

I love my hygenist. She is very good and makes me feel very comfortable.
Alisha G, June 2013

The entire office was very inviting, clean and very nice decor.

Allison, the receptionist was very personable, informative and engaging. The dental assistant Amanda who did my cleaning was so sweet, friendly and made me feel very comfortable. She did an amazing job

on me and my sons cleaning and I guess I've found my new dentist for my family. :)
Rachel B, June 2013

Great experience! Everyone is warm, and professional. And the work is top-notch.
Jennifer W, June 2013

Dr. Baum was absolutely amazing! So kind, caring & gentle! She was very understanding & patient when I told her how nervous I was about having the deep cleaning for my very sensitive teeth, plus a filling. Dr. Baum has such a warm smile & gentle soothing tone to her voice that I was quickly put at ease & I didn't even feel the shots being given. She worked quickly & expertly, and still checked on my comfort throughout. The Hygienist was very good too, very friendly and caring.

Overall 2 thumbs up from me, who was never a fan of dental visits, until now! ;)
Joellen M, June 2013

Service was great!
Anonymous, June 2013

Amanda did my cleaning and she was very good and thorough followed by a positive report card from Dr. Lim. Thanks, Crossroads!
Trevor W, June 2013

A very friendly group of people
luzb , Vallejo, CA 9/15/2016

Staff were very personable and made me feel really comfortable.
Anonymous, June 2013

William H, June 2013

I was very impress with the professional behavior of the staff, also they were very helpful in my needs. Dr. Lim is very approachable and a good listener and advisor as a Dentist should be. I would very much recommend my family and friends to Crossroads Dental, In fact I am already talking to my family about switching Dentists. Thank you Crossroads Dental!

Robert S.
Robert S, June 2013

Great services!
Melda C, July 2013

Fast, friendly. Very good service
Victor R, July 2013

I was very nervous, but the nice staff put me at ease, the sitting for my reline on my lower denture went very well. Thank you and your staff for having patience with me.
Joan W, July 2013

great services
Melda C, July 2013

I continue to gewt excellent services from the dentist and the staff.
Anonymous, July 2013

Crossroad dental is the best they work with you and is very accomadating Swatti goes above and beyond to do her job thoroughly and ensuring that I was ok during the entire appt the front desk ladies are very informative I love crossroad dental
Lynngenia S, July 2013

1 small filling today, took < 20 minutes!!! Outstanding, NO pain!! Great work as usual!!!
Kurt K, July 2013


Barbara A, July 2013

Very pleasant with no time wasted. I was in and out in the amount of time stated. I could not ask for better service. Keep up the good work !!!
Curtis N, July 2013

Kim very good and she enjoys her job. I find her encouraging, thoughtful always professional she's the reason I come back especially if my insurance does not cover the visit . Thank you Kim
Patricia B, Aug 2013

The girl at the front desk that assist me is wonderful. Give her a raise.
Emily M, Aug 2013

My cleaning appointment with Swati last Friday went very well. She did a great job and she made comfortable cleaning my teeth and gums. I was done on time and I like it.

Thank you,
Edna L, Aug 2013

I got my teeth cleaned by Kimmie. She was great! Very thorough that I avoided having to a get a deep cleaning! I'm definitely keeping her as my regular dental hygienist.
Anonymous, Aug 2013

Robert V, Aug 2013

I'm not sure how you spell her name, but Swati, the dental hygienist was wonderful. She did an excellent job and she was very friendly and had a great personality. You have an affinity for picking really good people Dr. Lim.
Sylvia C, Aug 2013

Great Service, very friendly and informative.
Anonymous, Aug 2013

my appointment went really well I was in and out in no time and the doctor was so friendly and took time with me , it was my best dental experience and the staff all very nice.
Norma B, Aug 2013

Beautiful facilities, knowledgeable and relatable employees.
Cynthia C, Sep 2013

I had all four wisdom teeth pulled out at the same time at Crossroads Dental Care.The staff was friendly and the procedure wasn't painful, although being told by friends that it can be at other offices. I had an overall great experience there!
Christine R, Sep 2013

In trying to obtain a dentist that was considerate of the cost, I found Dr. Lim to be the best. He was willing to work with me on my needs and is the best dentist I ever had. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a excellent dentist. His staff at the front desk are always ready to answer questions and assist in anyway possible.

Thank you Dr. Lim.
Emily M, Oct 2013

arrived with pain and i left without pain. can't beat that.overall.......excellent service.
Robert M, Oct 2013

The staff and service was great. I look forward to returning.
Emelington R, Oct 2013

Thank u for another great service!
Anonymous, Oct 2013

I'm very happy with the service. My kids were very comfortable with the people there and they were treated very nicely.
Luz Elena G, Oct 2013

Very pleased with my dental work. Thank you :)
Anonymous, Oct 2013

excellent service, very friendly and professional.
Joseph I, Oct 2013

The Hygienist was GREAT......She not only did a terrific cleaning, it didn't hurt.

Dr. Baum zeroed into my abscess with sensitivity, correcting the problem. I feel much better today.

She was great at numbing me up. Also, she didn't hurt me!
Richard L, Oct 2013

The service was very good. The experience was smooth and relaxing.The staff were very good and infornative. I look forward to returning.
Anonymous, Oct 2013

Kim is the best
Antoine A, Nov 2013

Went to your office without an appointment and within 15 minutes the doctor saw me. He explain in plain language the course of treatment. The staff is very professional.
Danielle S, Nov 2013

I was very pleased with the quality of service I received. I will continue to

to use Crossroads in the future.
Carolina C, Nov 2013

I got excellent service and was not expecting it so soon.
Ceil L, Nov 2013

The staff were friendly and Dr. Lim was super fast and efficient. Quick in and out, perfect!
Evelina D, Dec 2013

Professional and friendly staff. Reasonable rates. They never let you experience any pain. I highly recommend Dr. Lim and staff.
Joanne R, Jan 2014

Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I get very nervous going to the dentist and they are all very sensitive to this. The staff works with my insurance and what procedures can be done based on what insurance I have left. Dr. Lim provides me with the best of care. I will continue to go to crossroads dental care and Dr. Lim.
Anonymous, Jan 2014

My experience with the hygienist was very positive. Ms. Lew is very professional with the work she does and I would go back to her anytime. Dr. Lim is very good with patients and I feel very comfortable on his services and communication with me.
Anonymous, Jan 2014

Everyone is very nice. Service is exceptional. Dr. Lim is knowledgable. The only downside are the prices. They are pricier compared to other dentist offices. But I guess you get what you pay for. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lim's office to others looking for a dentist.
Anonymous Feb, 2014

Antoine A Feb, 2014

My friend recommended me to this dental office and he was right it's above and beyond my expectations. Both front and back office. The service was pretty awesome. They are very thorough about every details. They make sure you understand everything. They make you feel like you're the only one that's being cared for. They're open Saturdays and that's what really the selling point for me, I can't make it to my appointment on weekdays due to work schedule and I don't want to take a day off just for an appointment. So that's pretty darn good. My entire family will be switching to this dental office. And I will definitely highly recommend it.
Peter C Feb, 2014

I love this dental office!
Alda S Feb, 2014

My experiences have always been excellent. I like the staff, setting is clean, and services are excellent. The patient is allowed to ask questions and can get responses quickly.
Melda C Feb, 2014

Very friendly and profession as always
Joanne R Feb, 2014

Very good, nice and clean and very friendly! !!
Kenia R Feb, 2014

Had 2 fillings replaced, as always great work by Dentist & staff, AND quick! Kurt
Kurt K Feb,2014

Dr.Lim was on time for the appt, the procerdure was fine, the dental assistant and the fornt desk clerks provided good customer service
Jose B Mar, 2014

James S Mar, 2014

kind and professional. Thanks for letting me know that my gold crown has a cavity.

See u Tues at 0830.
Richard L Mar, 2014

Was very satisfied with the visit and treatment now working with them on a plan to restore my upper Teeth with possible implants :)
Walter R Mar, 2014

excellent! very gentle, quality care
Ed C Mar, 2014

Friendly staff and helpful tips!
Anonymous Mar, 2014

I have a lot of faith and respect for Dr. Lim and for Swati his hygienist as well..........Kim
Kim P Mar, 2014

I always receive the best customer service from everyone there. Everyone is in a good and positive mood. I never feel like just a number or just a source of income. Compassion and concern is what I get.
Darryl J Mar, 2014

Excellent as usual!
Anonymous Apr, 2014

Iam very scared of dentist and Dr.lim and staff made me feel so comfortable. Well I have my big appointment Monday march 31,2014 and iam not even scared:-)
Yvonne B Apr, 2014

good service.
Robert M Apr, 2014

I was so scared and Dr.lim and his very nice staff was so nice. They made me so comfortable that I couldn't believe that I was relax at a dentist office. So my experience I will be going back loooove my dentist and the pleasent ladies:-)
Yvonne B Apr, 2014

Great and welcoming staff.
Enrique P Apr, 2014

The staff are wonderful at DDS Lim's office, they do their best to assist you. Mr. Lim is kind, gentle and is a dentist with genuine character.

I would recommend Mr. Lim to anyone who needs a great dentist.
Emily M Apr, 2014

She clean completed very very good job

Highly recommend
Cahtsai K Apr, 2014

Great customer service. Dr. Lim is very through and pleasant . Staff are kind and efficient .
Anonymous Apr, 2014

Thank you for your great service! :)
Anonymous Apr, 2014

The service was great, the girl at the front desk named leeann was extremely nice and helpful.
Alex A May, 2014

The people here are great!!!!
William H May, 2014

Very friendly and efficient.
Avjyot B May, 2014

"Will recommend to all my friends and families, Dr. Lim and all the staff-from the front desk to dental hygienist-thank you very much and keep up the excellent customer service and quality care"
Mark A May, 2014

It was an excellent cleaning and check up. Great space and wonderful people. I would highly recommend this dental office.
Anonymous June, 2014

I have had negative experiences in the past, but the dentist and her assistant did a marvelous job of putting me at ease, and were very caring during my procedure.
Hugh W June, 2014

Vincent Lim and the complete staff there are always great!
Leobardo G June, 2014

Very positive and pleasant experience. Thanks!
Della R June, 2014

I had a great visit with my new hygienist, (please excuse me but I forgot her name), She was gentle and patient. I will see her again. Dr Lim, I like, he was very gentle with me. The front desk ladies were very helpfully, the office will not function without them.

Eileen G July,2014

The staff was very professional, efficient and helpful. This was my first visit to the office and I was very impressed with the efficiency, knowledge and availability of services.
Rhonda S July, 2014

Price was reasonable and service was excellent.
Mukesh C July, 2014

Friendly people, excellent service. I was referred here by family and am glad I chose this dental office.
Anonymous, July 2014

My last visit at crossroad was very pleasant, I rate the service that was performed a 10 and I will defiantly be back for my next appt lol...!!
Charles H, Aug 2014

Everyone is so kind and professional!
Jennifer W, Aug 2014

Very modern facility. Dr. Lim worked efficiently and I was not in pain.
Jason H, Aug 2014

Staff are pleasant. Clinic is beautiful. Dr Baum and dental hygienist (Swali) are very nice. Will be back for more appointments.
Ivy S, Aug 2014

i always enjoy seeing Dr. Lim. He treats me the way i want to be treated. thank you Dr. Lim.
Alexia E, Aug 2014

excellent doctor and staff!
Anonymous, Aug 2014

Got an appointment within a week. Very quick and efficient.
Clarence P, Aug 2014

No wait...Excellent, professional,friendly. Great as usual. I always recommend to my friends to go to Crossroads.
Joanne R, Sep 2014

Without a doubt the most comfortable (yes "comfortable!") dentist experience ever. so comfortable that I almost went to sleep during a molar extraction! No pain during or after. Thank you Dr. Lim for bring your quality professional services to Vallejo.
David R, Oct 2014

Amanda is always pleasant and professional.
Jonna F, Oct 2014

We know everyone is afraid of the dentist and relates the dentist with pain. I had a great visit with Dr Baum, she was very gentle and explained everything. Will follow her from Pinole to Vallejo. Thanks Dr Baum.

Eileen G, Oct 2014

Amanda did her job in cleaning and explained what my options are in doing my dental work.
Rosalina W, Oct 2014

My appointment was at 9:30am with Dr, Lim he was prompt on time explained each step of the way for the filling. He completed the process in record time. I was on my way home at 10am with minimum pain.
Jose B, Oct 2014

the greatest
Alexia E, Oct 2014

The lady that did the cleaning was very nice and caring, and as always Dr. Lim was very professional and informative. I really like him. Thank you for your great service!
Fredrica P, Oct 2014

Fredrica P
Jason H, Oct 2014

I was recommended by my spouse to try Dr. Lim's dental clinic. It was an early appointment and I think I'm their first client that day yet everybody in the clinic was all smile, perky and very friendly. Very clean clinic, well lighted and the design functions very well. Love their hi tech gadgets for x-rays; you can tell they mean business. Dental assistant was very friendly, got me at ease and made the procedure calm and easy experience. Looking forward to my next visit which will be in couple weeks!
Christopher S, Oct 2014

Very Good Fast and Painless work.
Kendal B, Oct 2014

Friendly and professional. The work done was excellent.
Kenn C, Oct 2014

I am new to Dr. Lim and his staff for one year now. I like the friendly office. The Dental hygienist Swati is informative, kind, and thorough. Dr. Lim does an excellent exam inside my mouth as well as my teeth and checking lymph nodes. He checks for TMJ pain too and keeps an updated health history through his hygienist each visit. I would recommend this dentist and staff to anyone.
Anonymous, Oct 2014

Courteous, fast service at a reasonable price and dealing with nice people in every department.
Bruce F, Oct 2014

Believe it or not, Crossroads Dental makes a visit to the dentist's office a real pleasure! From the friendly and helpful front desk staff to the well-qualified and efficient Dental Hygienists to the technical expertise of Dr. Lim, I felt right at home and in exceptionally good hands from Day 1. I recently had two deep cleanings and a molar extraction which filled me with aprehension but Swati and Dr. Lim completed all with essentially no pain! I highly recommend Dr. Lim and his team to anyone looking for a well-qualified, competent dentist.
David R, Oct 2014

Not as traumatic as expected........ thanx
Terrell J, Nov 2014

Although my appointment was lost, they really accommodated me.
Larry R, Nov 2014

Hygienist was very kind. Constantly checked to see if I was OK during the cleaning.
Rhonda H, Nov 2014

Amanda, the dental hygienist, was very sweet and concerned with my comfort. This is my first visit but so far my impressions are very favorable. All the personnel were friendly and seemed very competent.
Anonymous, Nov 2014

Kim was great and the discomfort was minimal.
Ronald G, Nov 2014

Excellent service, Front desk and dental hygienist are very personable and very nice.
Jose B, Nov 2014

Good service and professional
Gladys G, Nov 2014

It was my first visit and was good experience. The staff was very friendly. Overall was good service, professional and efficient.
Gladys G

Excellent service overall. They are very friendly and professional. De Lim was very gently working on my teeth because I've sensitive gums.
Gladys G, Dec 2014

Was great, many thanks
Anonymous, Dec 2014

Kind and professional care from staff
Richard L, Dec 2014

Very professional I'm not one that likes to go to the dentist so when I do I want to go to the best
James S, Dec 2014

Best experience I've had at the dentist
Brandon R, Dec 2014

Excellent service!!!
Edward M, Dec 2014

My children and I always have a great experience at our dental visits! The team is amazing with my kids!! They are never afraid of going and always leave smiling! Thank you Crossroads Dental!!

Kelly B, Jan 2015

They are very good & always accommodate me when I arrive late. Best dental group I've ever had!
Kurt K, Jan 2015

I had a challenging tooth extracted which went pretty well. Was a bit expensive , they make you get the 129.00 xray even though you're getting the tooth removed. Seemed pretty wasteful to me but it was my money so they wouldn't really care. My other concern was I couldn't get my prescription filled. I just had a major extraction and had no pain medicine until the next morning. That was pretty brutal. The doctor that removed my tooth her name wasn't on the card , it was written in ink. Not printed on the card like the rest were. Not sure what that was about. However everyone was pleasant and they did see me as a walk in. We'll see how the rest goes to see if I keep them as a dentist. I pay cash so I expect to be treated exceptionally well. They don't have to fill no paperwork to get paid , they're paid in full before I walk out the door.
JoAnn U, Jan 2015

Professional and kind staff
Richard L, Jan 2015

I trust the advice given and feel Dr. Lim is a very qualified dentist.
Doug C, Jan 2015

I enjoyed the painful deep teeth cleaning appointment very much. The hygienist's friendly manner and professional skills allowed me to fall asleep during the procedure.

Both the Dentist and hygienist told me things about my teeth and mouth that I never knew before and this gave me faith that things will be done as promised.
Diamon P, Feb 2015

Great team!
Anonymous, Feb 2015

Dr. Lim explains all your options in a simple and easy to understand manner, and is highly professional. You can be assured of top notch work from him and his staff.
Paul K, Feb 2015

Dr .Park is very kind and very knowledgeable, I feel at ease with her.
Sue Jean K, Feb 2015

This dental office is topnotch. Everyone is good in what they do.
Erlinda M, Feb 2015

I was so pleased with my experience. The staff where very professional and friendly. I was seen in a timely matter and finished and on my way in great time.
Robbin I, Feb 2015

Great people, great dental services and fair pricing.
David R, Feb 2015

Painless, efficient & quick
Joy T, Feb 2015

It is a pleasure being around a staff that makes you feel like a family member. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a dentist. You will not be disappointed.
Darryl J, Feb 2015

ery professional, but friendly atmosphere. I felt very relaxed and would highly recommend to all my friends
Ed C, Mar 2015

Quick, micro surgery again
Terrell J, Mar 2015

Office well organized and clean. Great service from front desk, hygienist, chair assistant, to Dentist....felt I was in good hands and getting reliable advice. Will refer others to this practice.
Carolyn F, Mar 2015

Quick and painless
Daniel H, Mar 2015

I love Dr. Lim and his staff! Everyone is very professional and friendly. Additionally, I can trust what they do and say.
Deborah J, Mar 2015

Everyone in this practice is so helpful, polite, professional. ....I highly recommend them.
Carolyn F, Apr 2015

Great professional office even when they are very busy!
Anonymous, Apr 2015

Kim does an excellent job cleaning teeth. I aways ask for her even though she works on Saturdays and she also cleans my husbands teeth.
Carolina C, Apr 2015

I have been going to the dentist since a very young age and now I am referred to as a "Senior Citizen" ..... honestly this is the most gentle caring dentist and staff that I have ever had. Though I am moving over 1.5 hours away I will continue to use this practice....the short time in the car is worth the trusted time in their chair.
Carolyn F, Apr 2015

Service a++

Take time cleaning
Cahtsai K, Apr 2015

Great service very nice good background music
Victor M, Apr 2015

Excellent service from the staff to the dentists.
Zenaida R, Apr 2015

Kim is very personable, professional, and skilled.
Tanya L, Apr 2015

Family like atmosphere. Everyone greets you with a SMILE. I wish i've known them before.
Joseph R, Apr 2015

Professional and friendly service and staff. Would recommend them to anyone!
Sarah C, Apr 2015

Excellent dentist, good personality, highly professional, and an artisan in his work.
Anonymous, Apr 2015

Excellent staff!
Elena C, May 2015

The whole staff makes you WANT to go to the dentist!

No, I'm not Crazy!

They take great care to make you calm and they, starting with the Dr. Lim, do very fine work.
Ronald G, May 2015

Swati is great. Very personable, nice and does a great, but gentle cleaning.

Only reason not five stars, dentist who checked me out never introduced herself. Had no idea who she is.
April M, May 2015

Excellent and friendly service.
Edward M, May 2015

Excellent customer care, but most importantly great dental care. Dr. Lim is very good at what he does!
Anonymous, May 2015

painless teeth cleaning.............
Lauretta J, May 2015

I am new to the area and had the inconvenience of my veneer being dislodged during a medical procedure. Crossroads dental got me a same day appoint the on a Saturday and did a temporary fix until I could come back and get a new one done. Everyone was friendly, and professional. It was a pleasant experience going to a dentist I didn't even know!
Dawn C, May 2015

Great group - probably the best dental practice I've ever gone to. Dr. Lim will be my dentist for a very long time.
Deborah J, June 2015

Love coming here to get my dental work done :)

Amanda is awesome ,she is very professional and friendly

Traci the receptionist is awesome as well

The whole office is great
Anonymous, June 2015

Great dental cleaning with Amanda
Anonymous, June 2015

Great staff
Catherine A, June 2015

Professional, friendly and thorough service!
Anonymous, June 2015

I have being visiting Dr. Lim's office for several years and I always get an exceptional treatment, recently my wife join me and very happy with their service especially there is a Korean speaking Dr..

Kim my hygienist is superb,always concerned about my dental health and my comfort when I am there. I recommend her to my friends and family.

If you want a dentist that's the place to visit.
Antoine A, June 2015

Hi - I love Dr Lim and his staff. Dr lim is excellent at what he does & makes going to the dentist as pleasant as it can be. I have had procedures done, which were fast and efficient and also an emergency which they were able to squeeze me in. His staff is friendly and helpful. I had to change because of insurance purposes but came back & glad I did.
Patricia S, June 2015

It was my first visit and I am happy with their service. Everything that I need to know about my teeth was explained to me in detail.
Marister C, June 2015

They had a fast and friendly service, did a very good job cleaning my teeth.
Michael R., June 2015

I had 2 rear molar type teeth removed, one of which had already been root canal, and other than some slight tugging on the root canal tooth I did not feel anything painful or distressing with the extractions. Not happy about having to loose the teeth but very happy with the process.
Karan A, June 2015

As usual friendly clerks and great service from the dental hygienist. keep up the good work!
Jose B, June 2015

The great care I always expect - from the moment I walk in until I step out the door. Thanks, Crossroads Dental!
Trevor W, July 2015

You guys, Dr's, Office Staff, and Tech's are all the best I have have worked with. Keep it up keep all in the office happy, avoid staff turn around and you will always be winners.
Anonymous, July 215

Excellent customer service and best treatment I get from Swatti!!!
Bienvenido F, July 2015

Arlene L, July 2015

overall......excellent service , friendly staff.
Gemeliano O, July 2015

My experience was the absolute BEST!! Because I'm so terrified of needles they made sure I was numbed very well. I didn't feel any of the shots or the deep cleaning under the gums done.
Darlene H, July 2015

I had my regular cleaning done. It turned out I needed a filling also. It so happened a cancellation occurred. The staff, as usual, accommodated both procedures for me the same day with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. I love coming here.
Edgardo S, July 2015

Dr. Lim and Staff are friendly and I felt nothing short of comfort. Im very pleased in his work and I now have a new family dentist.
Antoinette W, July 2015

5 Stars staff is very knowledgeable, we wish we would've came here sooner.
Stephan M, July 2015


Anonymous, Aug 2015

This is just my 2nd visit. Staff are friendly & attentive.
Fernando S, Aug 2015

As always, the staff was professional and the dental procedure went without a hitch.
Anonymous, Aug 2015

Dr.Lim and his staff are the best!
James S, Aug 2015

I've never had a dentist as caring and professional as jenna...she allways takes her time to explain what's going on...I allways look foward to going to the dentist now
Adam C, Aug 2015

I need dental surgery and it was all done quickly and stress free.
Diamon P, Aug 2015

As pleasant and as comfortable as can be... very welcoming environment all staff members are very informative and helpful
Cecilia O, Aug 2015

As usual..friendly, professional and on time!!!
Joanne R, Sep 2015

Comfortable & efficent, with no waiting
Joy T, Sep 2015

Great teeth cleaning experience and whitening. I received very valuable information about how to take care of my teeth
Nathaniel R, Sep 2015

Great experience as always.

Friendly, generous, knowledgeable staff.
Antoine A, Sep 2015

Excellent dentist, great staff.
Paul K, Sep 2015

Amanda wonderful. Your staff great
Anonymous, Sep 2015

Good experience. Kind and caring and friendly staff.

Dr. Lim is a great find of a dentist. Genuine and caring concern for his patients.
Danyel M, Sep 2015

My experience was great!
Della R, Sep 2015

Excellent staff
Gary F, Oct 2015

Nice office and great staff
Sharon F, Oct 2015

Love these guys, both in Vallejo offcie and Pinole , either is great always.
Jill B, Oct 2015

Everything was fabulous...or as fabulous as a dental exam could be.
Anonymous, Oct 2015




RNDC, Oct 2015

Great, I was comfortable
Nicole M, Nov 2015

Always great service
Alvaro M, Nov 2015

Amanda is a great hygienist. Very thorough and detail orientated. Dr Lim has been my family dentist for more than 15 years. He's excellent in all facets of dentistry.
Steve B, Nov 2015

Nice and efficient
Gary F, Dec 2015

great care and very friendly
Kenn C, Dec 2015

kimmy is the best!!!
Ashley B, Dec 2015

Personakised service, quick,pain free and very nice and focussed people
Swati M, Dec 2015

The very best
James S, Dec 2015

I was bringing my son in because I thought a tooth was growing in with some pain. However, it was a bad cavity & needed extraction. Got my son in & out under a hour, teeth pulled & no tears! Dr Lim & the entire staff was friendly & did a great job talking him through. Thank You!
Silvano J, Dec 2015

Clean and comfortable office, and a great staff!
Anonymous, Dec 2015

As usual the clerks were very friendly and provided good customer service. The hygienist makes it easy and comfortable while she is cleaning your teeth, she a very professional and pleasant personality.
Jose B, Dec 2015

I left messages with 4 different dental offices. Crossroads called me back first.

The front desk staff is professional.

Dr. Baum is compassionate.
Kelsey R, Jan 2016

On time, surprisingly painless. Dr Lim seems like a very good dentist. Have gone to this practice for many years when Dr Hoey was there and will continue with Dr Lim.
Tom B, Jan 2016

Friendly staff

Awesome customer service

Staff knowledgeable about their job
Peter C, Jan 2016

They expedite the procedure in a timely manner and comfortable.
Joseph I, Jan 2016

OMG! My experience was the best I"ve ever had at the dentist. Julie was very friendly & helpful. Sawei did a great job on my deep cleaning. She was very professional & checked on me numerous times during my cleaning to make sure i was comfortable. I've been telling everyone about my experience. Thank you crossroads staff.
Danisha B, Jan 2016

Friendly & attentive staff
Fernando S, Jan 2016

Dr. Lim and Amanda are at the top of their field. Every visit is as pleasant as it can be.

Thomas C, Jan 2016

Dr. Lim is the most professional and knowledgable dentist. Everything I got down with him lasts and is of a great quality. Would defianately recommend Dr. Lim to my friends and family.
Mayya G, Jan 2016

As usual, did not have to wait long nor faced any bad looking teeth from the staff members. They all had the perfect smile and the perfect set of teeth. If I go long enough, maybe my smile will be like theirs. The procedure was performed quickly and without duress. Left the office with a smile!
Diamon P, Jan 2016

He is very professional and it is pleasant to have him work on you.
Ronald G, Jan 2016

My New Year's Eve day involved getting oral surgery for a sinus lift and bone graft. Do I know how to celebrate or WHAT?!? By the way, I love, I mean LOVE, my new dentist. I decided to find a dentist closer to home and I got lucky that Vincent P. Lim, DDS was taking new patients. I felt nothing while he performed the sinus lift and bone graft. Nothing! I'm not a fan of pain (who is, really?) so I really, really appreciate practitioners of painless dentistry. Happy New Year, Dr. Lim! See you in 2016 for that tooth implant!
Jeffrey W, Jan 2016

Prompt and professional service
Arsenio N, Feb 2016

Staff are friendly and efficent. I've never had wait and they have evening hours!
Joy T, Feb 2016

Wonderful, Amanda the best dental tech
Darlene D, Feb 2016

Great place and a very friendly staff.
Jarone A, Feb 2016

Extremely satisfied. Very knowledgeable and professional staff. They really explained everything thoroughly.

Kelly M, Feb 2016

The staff was very professional, efficient and helpful. This was my first visit to the office and I was very impressed with the efficiency, knowledge and availability of services.
Rhonda S, Feb 2016

Great staff great care
sharonf , Vallejo, CA

My experience with Crossroads Dental Care has always been a pleasant one. My RDH, Kim is thorough and compassionate, always. I love her.

They are always so kind and helpful. Call to remind of appointments. Kim is a pro at cleaning teeth, my husband and I do not want to go to anyone else. Dr. Baum is the best dentist I have ever gone to. She is gentle and always try to help with my insurance. Always calls me by name, treats me like a friend.
jamess , Vallejo, CA

It was awesome as always Service was great Friendly staff
peterc , Vallejo, CA

I had a great experience there went in and I thought I was getting one tooth pulled end up having 2 pulled and the whole thing I don't like going to the dentist is the pain but it wasn't . They were very good throughout the whole time definitely a great place for dental work
HoangW, Vallejo, CA. 9/13/16